Practice Manager

Amanda Practice Manager

PETS: Siamese Cats (Flash and Flanders)

Amanda is our Hospital Manager who has the HUGE responsibility of keeping our hospital organized and running smoothly! Amanda started at our clinic back in 1990 as a high school student Co-op, and eventually completed her degree as an RN. Her strong organizational skills and ongoing enthusiasm led her to becoming a leader in our clinic, and eventually her promotion to ‘practice manager”.

Her duties are very widespread and include HR, ensuring our computer system is updated regularly and running smoothly, and the general day to day responsibilities with running a small business, which allow the veterinarians to be able to just focus on veterinary care or our patients.  

Amanda lives with her husband, who is also an RN, and has two adult children. In her spare time, she enjoys working in her vegetable garden, going for walks with her friends, hiking on the Bruce Trail, and reading.