We are thirlled to be welcoming a new Veterinarian in July 2024.  Meet Dr. Danielle Harkness>>>


An essential service for pain management and safe, precise procedures.

We take pride in the high level of comfort and safety experienced by our anesthetized patients. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) are highly trained in anesthesia and pain management and create customized anesthetic protocols specific for each individual patient. Pre-anesthetic blood tests help us to ensure our patients are as healthy on the inside as they appear on the outside prior to undergoing a general anesthetic. Using only the safest drugs available including, intravenous fluids, as well as careful patient monitoring with ECG’s, blood pressure, respiratory, and C02 monitors and constant manual supervision, makes anesthesia very safe.

The comment “too old’ no longer applies to anesthesia. We use the same anesthetics and monitoring equipment that are currently used in human hospitals today. Patient comfort is essential to us and pain is assessed regularly in each pet post operatively, with pain medications administered as needed for each pet for all procedures, instead of just following one standard protocol for everyone. We love our nice big fluffy fleece blankets, as they keep our patients cozy and comfortable as they are waking up in our recovery ward. Our veterinarians call our owners as soon as their pet awakes from their anesthetic to let them know how things went and to ease their mind.

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