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Euthanasia Services for Pets

Providing compassionate care, support, and guidance during a difficult time.

At our practice, we consider euthanasia a gift we can give dogs and cats to end their suffering. We intend to support dogs and cats having a poor quality of life from sickness or aging. We handle each scenario with the utmost care because we know that saying goodbye to your beloved dog or cat isn’t easy.

Can I be present during their final moments?

You can stay with your dog or cat until the end or opt out of being present for the procedure. We allow extra time for euthanasia appointments to ensure you don’t feel rushed and can take your time when saying your final goodbyes. After the procedure, we have an exit door a few feet away so you can quietly slip out. If it’s more comfortable for you and your dog or cat to have the procedure at home, we refer these patients to the Hamilton Niagara Vet Mobile Euthanasia services. They can be reached at 905-330-3616.

What type of support is available to help me process my loss?

It can be difficult to come to terms with the loss of your dog or cat, regardless of their health status. Even before you make the final decision, we offer compassionate support to any questions or concerns you have about the process. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and confident all throughout. 

What arrangements do I need to make after the procedure?

There are several choices for your dog or cat’s final resting place. Burial can be done at home if space permits. Alternatively, there are ‘pet cemeteries’ available in the area where plots can be purchased. Most of our patients are cremated, and the service we have relied on for over 20 years is Gateway Pet Memorial Services, with locations in Smithville and Guelph. Many owners opt for communal cremation, where dogs and cats are cremated in small groups. The ashes are then buried at a special plot at Sandy Ridge Pet Cemetery, which is located near London. They have a lovely memorial there, and they welcome owners to visit.

You can have an ‘individual cremation’ for an additional cost, where you will receive your dog or cat’s ashes back in a special urn. There are many urns from which to choose in addition to other mementos, including paw prints and jewelry. Some owners like to spread the ashes in the backyard or at the cottage and feel better having their home as the final resting place for their long-term companion.

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