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Helping you choose the best foods for your pet's dietary needs.

Excellent nutrition is important in preventing or delaying health and aging problems. A wide variety of special diets are available to help treat and/or control many diseases including diabetes, obesity, urinary disease, epilepsy, kidney disease, dental disease, allergies, and arthritis. Good quality foods throughout your pet’s life can often add years of health and comfort.

It is especially important to start puppies and kittens are a high quality diet as this forms the building blocks for the rest of their life. All our diets are guaranteed for palatability so if your pet will not eat the food, you can return the open bag for a full refund! If a diet is ever recalled, we have you in our system and we are able to contact everyone who has ever purchased that affected food in a timely manner. Our Team Members are educated on the available diets and can calculate the exact amount of food your pet should be eating to ensure they maintain their ideal weight.

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