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Pain Management

Ensuring your pet's comfort and improving their overall quality of life through pain management.

Pain management is first and foremost for our fluffy patients, and we are lucky that we have a wide variety of medications available to manage your pet’s pain both before, during and after surgery, and in the event of trauma or ongoing chronic pain as in our arthritis patients. Local anesthetics have been found to significantly reduce the amount of pain experienced peri-operatively, and are used whenever possible in all incisions, and in dental blocks for tooth extractions.

Our pain management protocols also involve the use of epidural anesthetics in our orthopedic patients and continuous rate infusions where needed. All of our surgery patients are sent home with pain medication to be administered by their owners, to ensure our patients have the utmost comfort possible during their recovery and healing phase. Referral to veterinary specialists for additional treatments such as rehabilitation, acupuncture, and laser therapy are also helpful in managing chronic painful orthopedic conditions.

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