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Ultrasound and X-ray Services

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Ultrasounds and X-rays are diagnostic tools we regularly use in our practice to examine the internal organs and structures of your pet. These tools allow us to obtain an accurate look into their overall health, which in turn provides us with precise diagnoses.

What do X-rays examine?

X-rays (radiographs) are routinely used as a diagnostic tool, providing valuable information about the bones, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart, and genitourinary system (bladder, prostate). Our new digital x-ray machine offers better quality images than the standard x-ray machines of the past.

What is the purpose of an ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are a very helpful diagnostic tool to assess soft tissues, complementing our X-rays to help us finalize a diagnosis. While we can offer basic ultrasound imaging, we are pleased to have an internal medicine specialist who travels to our clinic weekly to offer more detailed ultrasonography.  In addition, her internal medicine certification assists our clinician is diagnosing and treating more challenging cases. Bladder stones, pancreatitis, kidney infections, intestinal tumours, and free fluid in the abdomen, to name a few, are all diseases best diagnosed using ultrasounds.

Will my dog or cat need to be sedated for their X-ray?

We recently implemented hands-free radiograph protocols, which allows us to take X-rays of our patients without having unnecessary human exposure to the radiation. The use of gentle velcro leg bands and soft sandbags help comfortably position your dog or cat, so they feel safe and secure while we take their picture. This also helps them stay still for their X-ray to be taken without our staff being exposed to repeated radiation. Some patients require gentle sedation to help them stay still for this procedure. 

Our clinicians work together to share their expertise in reading X-rays. We also have the option to send radiographs to a specialized radiologist for assistance in the interpretation of complex cases.

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