Nikki AHT

PETS:  Dogs (Juno and Rookie), Bird (Kenny)

Nikki is a natural animal lover, having to experience at a few other veterinary clinics and a grooming facility in the past.  Nikki has a knack with dogs and has also instructed dog training classes.

With the many skills she brings to us, not only will you chat with her on the phone or see her smile at the  front desk, but she also helps out in the Lab running our blood/urine  machines, or in our Treatment Area taking blood samples or taking x rays. 

Nikki keeps busy when she is not working. Her artistic talent is amazing from  pictures she has painted, furniture she has decorated, or cute bunny earrings she created at Easter.   The deck fairy gardens she plants  are magical!  Nikki enjoys  gardening and is proud of the wide variety of plants she tends to in her backyard

Nikki is an avid hockey player, and enjoys playing in both a coed and a women’s hockey league during the winter.  She stays active and is often rushing off to her kick- boxing class after work.  She enjoys regular visits to see the seniors in a local nursing home along with her Aussie ‘Juno’ , as a member of Therapeutic Paws of Canada. (TPOC)

Nikki resides in Beamsville  with her husband and two sons, her two Aussie’s ( Juno and Rookie) and her personable cockatiel, Kenny.